Worship Arts

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Thank you for checking into our Worship Arts opportunities. Each of the following positions are scheduled one month in advance and based both on your availability and the needs of the weekly services.

If you are interested in more information or taking the next step, please fill out the simple form below and Amanda Peterson, our Worship Arts Director, will follow up with you.  


  • Instrumentalists of All Kinds
  • Vocalists
  • Sound Techs
  • Screen Operators

What is the commitment?  

Musicians, vocalists, and the sound techs rehearse on Thursday nights from 6:30-8:30 and Sunday morning at 7:00am through the second service. The two worship services are identical in format, worship set, and team.

How often would you serve?

The Worship Arts ministry schedules the teams about one-month in advance. You would receive an invitation from the worship director asking you to block out dates in the coming month that you are not available. Based on the needs of the ministry and your available dates, you will be scheduled within the parameters you set. There is no set number of times required but most team members serve 1-3 time per month.