Vision, Mission, Values

Our Mission

“Lake Community Church exists to reach people for Christ and build people in Christ.”


The Ministry Mission is a broad, brief, biblical statement of what the organization is supposed to be doing. The “Mission” answers the “what” question. A well-focused mission statement provides the destination on the map toward which the entire ministry takes flight. A mission statement answers the question “What is the primary thing that God has called us to accomplish in this community?”

Our Vision

“People are ‘reached’ and ‘built’ when they are loved.”

Jesus said, “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” The vision of LCC is to be a gathering of devoted believers who walk with one another in love and grace. In reliance upon God, Lake Community Church will be a ministry where the broken can be mended, the mended can be strengthened and the strengthened can minister with freedom.

Our Core Values

A Christian ministry’s values are the constant, passionate, biblical core beliefs that drive the ministry. Values answer the “why” question. “Why do we do what we do?” Values move the ministry. They are the hidden motivators that dictate the way every decision is made, every problem is solved, and every dollar is spent. A church is to be “values-driven” and “vision-focused”.

   1. We Value The Bible As God’s Word
   2. We Value Loving God
   3. We Value Loving Relationships
   4. We Value Prayer
   5. We Value Worshiping God In Spirit and Truth
   6. We Value Servant Leadership
   7. We Value Team Ministry
   8. We Value The Significant Role Of The Local Church In God's Global Program
   9. We Value “Every Believer” Participation
   10. We Value Being Relevant To Our Culture and Honoring To God

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