• Set-up crew
  • Tear-down crew
  • Ushers


What do these roles do?  

Set-up Crew - Before our first worship service, a team of volunteers sets up the chairs, display tables, and friendship registers in the worship venue.

  • Work begins between 7-7:30am
  • Usually takes an less than an hour to complete
  • Scheduled to cover one calendar month at a time
  • The crew serves 1 month on, 2 months off

Knowing that not every person will be able to serve every week in their month, the team leader will check in with everyone regarding availability and any changes in the set up needs. We recommend volunteers commit to being available 3 or the 4 Sundays of their designed month.

Tear-down Crew - After the second service, this crew tears down the chairs so the room is ready to be used as a gym for weekday ministries.

  • While the set-up crew is an assigned group, this crew is comprised of a tear-down crew leader and many people who are available after the second service stay and help remove the chairs.  
  • This process starts a few minutes after the 10:30am service and is usually done in 15 minutes.  

Ushers - Responsible during worship service for:

  • Assisting people in finding seats if a service is getting full and/or adding more chairs if needed
  • Counting attendance in the service and children's ministry areas
  • Collecting the offering
  • Counting cash donations and putting them in the safe

Lead ushers are scheduled on a rotational basis, and they are responsible to oversee the other ushers who are available to help in a service. Ushers can be men or women, and often times families serve together with the kids helping. 


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