Membership Invitation

An Invitation to Church Membership


There’s great joy in being part of a church community where we worship together, provide support for each other and encourage one another in our walk with Jesus.

A person can be part of a church and experience these blessings without being an “official” member. In fact, if you are a regular attender at Lake Community this may well be “your” church though you’ve not taken the membership class and gone through the church membership process.

For me this begs the question, “Why would a person want to become an “official” member of Lake Community Church?”

As I ponder this question, I thought of the number of businesses that give special perks or rewards for
those who pay a membership fee. For example, one company offers a lifetime membership for $20.00
and people get an annual dividend based the amount they spend. Several online businesses offer free
shipping for people who pay an annual membership fee. Many museums offer free unlimited
admission for their members.

Frankly, the church is not offering any perks for people who become members. We don’t offer
premium seating for members. We don’t give discounts for events or provide any special services. So
why become a member?

Here are some wonderful reasons to go through the membership process and join the church:

  1. Membership is a tangible way to express that this is your church family. It says, “I love the people here and this is where I belong.” In a sense, it solidifies your relationship with them.
  2. Membership demonstrates connection and commitment to your children and other family members.
  3. Membership is a great encouragement to the other members. It demonstrates your personal investment in the other people who call LCC their church home.
  4. Membership clearly invites other believers to join you on your spiritual journey. Likewise it enables you to support them in their walk with Jesus.
  5. When you take the step of joining a church something invisible but important happens in your heart and mind: you find yourself more interested in the decisions being made. Membership enables you to have full participation in major decisions the church makes.

You may be afraid that if you become a member you will be approached to serve in some way. I
encourage you to dismiss that fear.

In fact, you may have already noticed that we ask people to help in doable ways regardless of membership status: stacking chairs, serving food, contributing to projects, etc.  It is true that membership is one of the qualifications required for some roles like serving on the search committee or the Pastoral Leadership Team.

However, we understand that life consists of lots of different seasons in the life of a person and family so we know people have to say no. As always, grace abounds! We love you and care about what is going on in your life along the way – that’s part of being in a long-term relationship with a particular church family.

As you have experienced, Lake Community provides wonderful worship and spiritual growth experiences for everyone. As you go through the steps of membership, you will be personally blessed and be an encouragement to the entire church family.

The membership process is quite simple:

  • Attend the church membership class where you will learn more about what it means to be a member and the fundamental beliefs of Lake Community Church. (Sign-up online to let us know you are coming.)
  • Meet with the Pastoral Leadership Team to share your personal story of your faith in Jesus. The Pastoral Leadership Team will vote on your membership.
  • You will be welcomed into membership during a regular worship service. (You do not need to speak during this service.)

Your commitment is an investment in this body of believers and what happens to us as we move into
the future. We would love to have you become an “official” member of Lake Community Church!

May the grace of our Lord Jesus be with you,

Pastor Marv


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