Introduction to Believe

How To Get Involved in Believe at Lake Community Church?

What should a follower of Jesus "believe, do and become"?

Believe is a biblical study of the 10 core beliefs, 10 key practices, and 10 essential virtues that make up a definition of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

Believe begins September 20th at Lake Community Church.

Materials available:

      Believe - student edition - the weekly Bible readings and

                             Think Act Be like Jesus

How to benefit from our Believe study:

Commitment level 1:  Do the Bible reading and participate in worship and sermon message each Sunday as we do the Believe study in our worship service.

Commitment level 2:  Join one of the mid-sized groups and enter into discussion about how to apply this in our lives.  (see Mid-Sized Missional Community brochure)

Commitment level 3:  (highest commitment / highest benefit)  Also join a small accountability group and begin to put the Believe competencies into practice in your life.  (sign up in your mid-sized group or at the Information Desk)

Assess your current progress using the Christian Life Profile assements.