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Thank you for checking into the opportunities available for you to consider.  Hospitality, including meals and coffee, are a significant part of creating an environment that enables people to connect and develop relationships and a strong sense of community.  As you preview the following areas, if you are interested in more information or taking the next step, please fill out the simple form below and Lizzy Thill (Hospitality Coordinator) will follow up with you.  


  • Sunday Morning Coffee Team
  • Meal prep team for Family Ministry on Monday nights
  • Meal prep team for Transformational Tuesdays on Tuesday nights
  • Meal prep team for the Student Ministry leadership team on Wednesday nights

What is the commitment?  

Coffee Team - there are a few teams that regularly serve together and each team is generally scheduled to cover a month at a time and 3-4 months out of the year.   On each crew, not everyone serves every week because people are not here every week.  As we add new people to serve in this ministry we can schedule based on availability.

Meal Prep teams - we have 3 weekly ministries that begin with a meal that is prepared by a team of people.  The menu changes each week, but it is the same menu Monday-Wednesday and is prepared fresh for each ministry night.  These teams have a leader that arrives early to start on the meats or the main dish and then the rest of the team arrives between 4 and 5:00pm to finish by preparing the side dishes and setting up the buffet lines.  These teams are scheduled about 1 month out based on your availability for the next calendar month.  There is no minimum required frequency to serve but most of these volunteers serve weekly or 2-3 times per month on the night they commit to.

If you are interested in more information about these areas or would like to take a next step to get started, please fill out this simple form below and Lizzy, our hospitality coordinator, will follow up with you.  Thank you. 

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