First Impressions

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Thank you for checking into the opportunities available for you to consider.  Each of the following areas are significant elements that help make guests feel welcome, valued, and comfortable as they come.  Coming to a new church can be intimidating to say the least and often includes various levels of fear and uncertainty as they wonder what their experience will be like.  Guests often feel a sense of anxiety wondering if they will fit in or stand out.  Will they know where to go and what to do?  Each church has a different culture and until you go, you never know what it is like.  Our First Impressions teams help put those fears at ease and work to make coming to Lake Community Church a great experience from the moment they walk in the doors.    As you preview the following areas, if you are interested in more information or taking the next step, please fill out the simple form below and Marilee Trosen (First Impressions Coordinator) will follow up with you.  


  • Welcome Desk Host - Staffing the Welcome Desk in the lobby, meeting new guests, and assisting them in our process of helping them understand who we are and what we have available for them.
  • Greeter (at entrances to the building) - Be a warm and friendly person who greets people as they arrive and making them feel welcome, valued, and comfortable.
  • Greeter (handing out bulletins as people enter the worship venue) - This is a second layer of welcoming that both greets people as they enter the worship venue as well handing out the bulletins. 

What is the commitment?  

As a new greeter you could be scheduled with one of the existing teams that get scheduled to cover 1 month at a time or you could choose to be scheduled based on your availability.  Greeters need to arrive about 20-25 minutes prior to the service and then get placed at an entrance.  With that timing, many of the volunteers who attend the 9:00 service will greet for both services.  They simply arrive early for the service they attend and then stick around to greet until shortly after the start of the 10:30 service.  You can also choose to be scheduled based on your availability and for a specific service time.

The Welcome Desk is staffed before, between, and after the services to meet and assist new guests or those looking to get involved.  The frequency of this role can be scheduled by a month or by availability and you can also choose to serve to cover a specific service time or both service times.  

If you are interested in more information or about getting started in the First Impressions area, please fill out the simple form below and Marilee will contact you shortly.  

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