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Our dream is to partner with the family to make disciples of all ages. We dream of the whole family, both children and adults, being connected to a network of relationships and plugged into opportunities designed to help each member grow in their knowledge of God and the application of those spiritual truths.

Our goal with this area of ministry is to reach families with children ranging in age from birth to 5th grade.  For families with older siblings, there will be opportunities for them to be involved in serving roles.

In this partnership with the family, we want to equip parents to be the ones to shape the development of their child's faith.

Our plan is to combine a complete children's ministry with an adult ministry to parents simultaneously.

There will be portions of the night that will be a shared family experience such as sharing in a meal together, worshiping together in a kid-oriented way, and engaging parents in helping their children know and love God.

There will also be portions of the night that are specific to age groups.  Children will be taught age appropriate lessons, learn bible verses, and have other games and crafts.  Adults will also have an adult group time consisting of a study, group discussions and prayer time.

We are asking families to commit to investing one night a week as Family Night.  This may be the best investment you can make for you, your spouse, and your children.  This is not intended to simply be a children's midweek program in which you drop your kids off at the door. This is designed for the entire family. 

At Family Night, you will...

  • Have a great SHARED FAMILY EXPERIENCE that you will look forward to each week.
  • as parents be ENGAGED and EQUIPPED to develop the faith of your child.
  • CONNECT with other families and friends.