Expanding Our Reach

Welcome to the Expand Our Reach Campaign.  The goal of this campaign is to become more effective in reaching the lost people of Douglas county with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.  

We need to fund this, so we set a financial goal to raise, over and above our annual budget, an additional $470,000 to be collected over the next 3 years.  We currently (10/31/16) have 51 pledges totaling $302,900 toward that financial goal.  

You have been contacted because we have not heard from you.  We do not want to interpret your silence.  We did this campaign over the summer and so it is possible you did not really get to hear much about it.  We want to make one last effort so as to be sure everyone knows what God is doing among us as we seek to "expand our reach" in the months and years ahead.

 Please review the case study in the link below.  It lays out our vision for this campaign.  Also, the sidebar has the links to a couple of Pastor Ron's message that will best summarize what this is all about. 

Having looked over the case study, could you please fill out the form below?  Even if you can't give financially we still would like to know you understand what this is about. We totally understand that everyone can't do over and above giving and we know that there are lots of good reasons for that.  Just let us know that you are familiar with what we are trying to do and that you are with us in prayer and are also seeking God to determine how we together can "expand our reach" here in Douglas County.   Remember to hit the send button.  The form will go to Michelle's email (our Office Manager).  She is the only person who will see the names from this form.  This will be your pledge card.  Please complete it by November 13th.

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I cannot give (or do not feel led to give) but I am with you on this Expand campaign.